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Model:Integral evaporative condensing chiller
Product Category:Evaporative cooling host
Full liquid evaporative cooling special high efficiency screw compressor: advanced screw tooth design, high precision processing technology, volume efficiency up to 95%.
Adopting integrated structure design, the compressor, evaporator, evaporative condenser, refrigerated hydraulic module (including refrigerated water pump, water filter and water refiller valve), water treatment device and control system are placed in a modular framework, with compact structure and small floor space. Customers only need to connect the chilled water pipes and power supply to operate efficiently.
The unit can use fuzzy control to monitor the refrigeration load in real time according to the change of freezing water temperature, and adjust the capacity of the compressor stepless to adapt to the change of real-time load. The integrated partial load has high efficiency and the temperature control precision can reach ±0.5??
The unit USES the condensation waste heat during refrigeration to produce domestic hot water, without any primary energy consumption and emissions pollution. Heat recovery can improve the operating conditions of the unit, improve the operating efficiency, reduce the unit operating costs.
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